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Conejo Valley Wood Repair & Termite not only strives to do excellent work at all times, but to make sure the client also is completely satisfied with their service.

Inspection reports for Home Owners, HOA's and for real estate transactions.

All corrective repairs, siding, eaves, wood gates and touch up painting to complete "YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR TERMITE NEEDS"

Termite control services.

... Spot Treatments

... Fumigations

... Soil Treatments

Annual control services to keep termites and dry rot at bay.

New construction 30 Year warranties backed by Nisus Corporation

Pre-Construction Soil Treatments

New Construction. Patios, decks, gazebos, etc...

Custom wood repairs or new construction.




If you want to know how much something costs to get fixed/repaired, a free estimate is more likely. If you want a service provider to determine the source of the problem, then there is diagnostics. Free estimates are more typical for smaller, uncomplicated jobs, such as window washing. Larger more detailed projects, like patio cover rebuilds and Home Inspections in which is likely to involve plans, design work and consultations are of value and a cost is associated with it.


A homeowner calls various contractors and asks them for a quote/estimate on a project that they are thinking of getting done. The contractors meet with the homeowner and all them ask different questions, which prompts different responses, which creates different items within the quote creating a non -uniform quote. What wood is being used? Doug Fir, Redwood, Pine, Spruce, Is it dry, wet, textured, or smooth, What grade is it, construction, exposed, sap or heart wood? Is the company Licensed, insured vehicles and employees, bonded? How many years of experience... All these play a big role in a project, and all companies in the same industry are NOT alike. So make sure if you're getting multiple quotes/estimates that you can compare apples to apples.


By willing to pay for a quote you are helping yourself to have a better-informed decision with the best results you are looking for. Here are some of the benefits.

  • The contractor does not rush through the bid process.
  • Fewer unforeseen costs. Not rushing the quote means less items missed and then less change orders.
  • The bid is based on quality of service.
  • The construction of the project begins with a company that already knows your project inside and out. In competitive bids, project planning begins when the contract is signed. In cost planning, the contractor has already helped you plan the smallest details.
Conejo Valley Wood Repair & Termite
Conejo Valley Wood Repair & Termite
Conejo Valley Wood Repair & Termite